Monday, March 10, 2008

Why have a blog about Prostate Cancer and running?

Well, when a routine PSA prostate check in May 2006 showed a slightly high reading of 4.3 for a 52 year-old, and a subsequent test 6 months later showed a rise to 4.9, I started checking things out and found little or nothing on the Net relating to runners or running.

I was convinced that vigourous competitive running influenced the PSA reading, in a fashion similar to cycling but found little to back the hypothesis up. Googling found little relating to running after Prostate surgery.


Jan Puzio said...

Dear John,
Thank you for your blog, it has been really helpful as after a routine PSA test in June I also have prostate cancer. I am due to have a laprascopic prostatectomy in 3 weeks.
Although your journey is scary stuff it has been comforting and makes me realise that with determination there is a normal life after the knife!
Iam 58 years old and also a keen runner so I am already setting running goals.
Thanks again I will keep you posted
Jan Puzio

Stewart "Enlarged Prostate Causes" Marks said...

An organization like this really helps people who suffer from this disease from frustrations and anxiety.