Friday, October 28, 2011

Dublin City Marathon 2011

Off to Dublin again! On Monday next, October 31st, I'm running the Dublin City Marathon. This will be my 21st Marathon and I'm again running to promote Cancer Survivorship, wearing a "Cancer Survivor" strip on both the front and back of my club singlet, as I did last year.

This year, I'm joined by Ned O'Brien, (Melanoma) another member of "C Team - Cancer Survivors"

Ned O'Brien (left) and John Quigley coming in to the finish of the 2011 Cork City Marathon Relay with C Team - Cancer Survivors.

C Team - Cancer Survivors before the Cork City Marathon Relay
Ruth Ahern (Waterford AC), Breast Cancer, Mossie Shanahan (Togher, Cork), Skin Cancer, Ned O'Brien (Clonmel AC), Melanoma and John Quigley (Eagle AC), Prostate Cancer

Both of us are in approx. the same ballpark wrt expected finishing time; Ned is hoping to run 3:30, while I'm heading out a bit faster and hoping to run 3:15. I'm carrying a load of 'niggles' going into Monday, so I'm not as upbeat as last year. Weather forecast is looking like rain during the race - not exactly what I like, but we'll see. Very often, in the past, bad weather forecast for Marathon Monday have failed to materialise.

Fingers crossed!!


Anonymous said...

This diary has been invaluable,as a fellow runner I have read every word, 8 weeks post RP and back running I check my progress regularly, I hope to run one of the Irish events in 2012 inspired by your blog.

Anonymous said...

As a fellow runner, 8 weeks post RP, I have found this blog invaluable, what a fantastic resource,I am truly moved and inspired in equal measure and check my progress frequently.

Thank you,


Tom said...

Hey John,
Gads, you look great!
Me, I had a prostatectomy in 1998 and have been on a watchful waiting program ever since...sort of just waiting for the disease to win. My PSA is now at 5.2 so I decided I couldn't stand it any longer. There have to be better solutions out there that people...much smarter than I am...are aware of.
You mention that there is little useful information out there for prostate cancer victims. I agree.
Take a look at my site, There may be some useful info there for you. I am at if you care to hook up. Man, I wish that I could be in the shape you are in:)


Mel Ó Cinnéide said...

Hi John, thought I saw a glimpse of you on a cancer piece on the News recently so I looked you up. Glad to see you're doing well and looking fitter than you were 25 years ago in the world of chess (remember back then? :-). Keep it up and all the best, Mel Kennedy.

Cancer treatment centers said...

Nice! I don't know that they have marathons like this. I love marathons and I hope this one helped all of you. Thanks a lot. Have a great day!

David Haas said...

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Mike Manning said...


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