Monday, May 12, 2008

Nine Days to Go! .......but who's counting???

Monday May 12th
Been a while since I updated the blog....lots of things on my mind ..and my to do list! Meantime I've been running nearly every day and have had several races, including Masters T&F Championships.

The first race was the Midleton 5 on Thursday May 1st. As I was competing in the Munster Master's T&F championships on Monday May 5th, with the Pfizer 6M on Thurs May8th, I decided just to use the Midleton race as a training run. However....two mile into the race, I had a "mad urge" to chase after one of my peers, who was approx. 300-400m further up the road. I finally caught up with him at the last bend, with just 300m to go. Boy did I pay for that effort. I was wrecked for the following few days.

On Monday 5th May, the Munster Masters T&F Championships were held in the CIT. I competed in the 800m, 1500m and 3000m, along with the javelin, allin in the M50 category. Competition was tough, with nearly all of the usual suspects there. I found it very hard to run - these days I have to concentrate very much, with only limited success, on staying relaxed. I just find it impossible not to tense up, but I continue to work on it. I was a bit disappointed to run so slowly, 3:06 for the 800, 5:59 for 1500 and 12:56 for 3000. Still I was there and I competed, which was my prime target. I also received many, many cards and good wishes. They are much appreciated.

On Thursday 8th, I ran in the Pfizer 6 - my first race as M55 and managed to come second in the category! It took a lot of hard work, but what a morale booster! Again I got more cards and well wishes.

Monday 12th - stress starting to build again. Weather is fabulous. It's hard to think of this good weather, being symptomless and having to go in for major surgery.

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