Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fri 25th - Tues 29th July

Fri 25th July
Walked 5 miles today. Legs are a bit sore today, especially my shins, after last night's race.

I got the UTI test results back today - no sign of infection.

Sat 26th July

D & I walked by the Castle today, going around the full 5 mile loop in approx. 81 min ~16:20 pace. It was good, but not as strong a walk as previous days. Probably no harm. I did have one or two very slight leaks during the walk, mainly due to "carelessness"

Sun 27th July
Went for 5 mile walk in the morning. Afterwards jogged in the back garden for approx. 7 minutes. No problems, but it was a slow(ish) jog (- garden isn't huge).

Mon 28th July
Walked 5.5 miles

Tues 29th July
Walked 5 miles. Had a one of my "Mega Sneeze" episodes today but stayed dry throughout, without the slightest tendency to leak throughout. I get these sneezing bouts periodically. I always dread getting them while driving!! This was the first set I've got since the op. It was good to find that I held tight during it - great for confidence!

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