Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Monday 11th Aug - First Check-up Post RP

Monday 11th Aug
We were up at 06:00 to get the 07:30 train to Dublin. My appointment was for 13:20.

When I went in he asked immediately "How many pads a day?" I replied "I've been off them by day since July 4th and, by night, since June 24th. He said "My God, you're doing very well!" He then said "You're not getting erections yet, but don't worry, they'll come." I told him I'd done up a (one page) sheet outlining my progress. (While I've detailed some of my (intimate) bodily functions on the blog, I'm not going to go into any detail regarding sexual function/activity, however I will outline some of it)

I have been experiencing (unfirm) erections and had been concerned that I wasn't making enough progress - I'd intended asking him about it.

He read the sheet and said "You shouldn't be getting any erections yet. You DO know what I've done! I've taken one complete nerve bundle!" I asked how long I'd have to remain on Cialis and he responded "Until you get spontaneous erections." I asked when that might be. He said "Soon." .....and I'd been worried that I wasn't making enough progress!!

I asked what I could do in the area of exercise. He said "Anything you want!" I asked "When can I consider myself recovered from the surgery?" He replied emphatically "Now." He reckoned that the two UTI's weren't what they seemed to be, but didn't say what they might have been, and I didn't think to ask what he thought they were. I gave a urine sample and also a blood sample for PSA.

Overall impression: Boy am I doing well!! D is very relieved.

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