Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tues 12th Aug

Tues 12th Aug
After yesterdays clean bill of health and the OK to return to exercising, I went to the farm and ran 2 laps (about 4.5M). Pace was quite slow, it took me approx, 51 minutes for the two laps. Before the op., I would have done it in around 37/38 min, or 34/35 min if doing a fast session.

My bladder wasn't full starting but I began to dribble very early. I passed a couple of walkers after about 0.5M and, as I passed, I felt could feel a dribble running down my leg. I eased off after that but stopped every 2 to 3 minutes to empty an already bladder - there was never much in it. When I was concious of it, I leaked. I think I didn't when I (rarely) switched off. I had a second bad leak episode when a woman was approaching. I think, in both cases, that I was afraid that they'd see my state.

I haven't been wearing pads at all since July 4th, however, for the foreseeable future, I think I'll have to wear one while running.

Monday 11th Aug - First Check-up Post RP

Monday 11th Aug
We were up at 06:00 to get the 07:30 train to Dublin. My appointment was for 13:20.

When I went in he asked immediately "How many pads a day?" I replied "I've been off them by day since July 4th and, by night, since June 24th. He said "My God, you're doing very well!" He then said "You're not getting erections yet, but don't worry, they'll come." I told him I'd done up a (one page) sheet outlining my progress. (While I've detailed some of my (intimate) bodily functions on the blog, I'm not going to go into any detail regarding sexual function/activity, however I will outline some of it)

I have been experiencing (unfirm) erections and had been concerned that I wasn't making enough progress - I'd intended asking him about it.

He read the sheet and said "You shouldn't be getting any erections yet. You DO know what I've done! I've taken one complete nerve bundle!" I asked how long I'd have to remain on Cialis and he responded "Until you get spontaneous erections." I asked when that might be. He said "Soon." .....and I'd been worried that I wasn't making enough progress!!

I asked what I could do in the area of exercise. He said "Anything you want!" I asked "When can I consider myself recovered from the surgery?" He replied emphatically "Now." He reckoned that the two UTI's weren't what they seemed to be, but didn't say what they might have been, and I didn't think to ask what he thought they were. I gave a urine sample and also a blood sample for PSA.

Overall impression: Boy am I doing well!! D is very relieved.

Wed 30th July - Sun 10th Aug

I haven't updated the blog for over a month, for several reasons; we were away on holiday in Portugal for nearly two weeks (Badly needed and the weather here was brutal while we wre away, so it was just as well that we went!), I've been building and filling out a race results database for the club ( ), procrastinating and various other committments.

Wed July 30th

Regular 5 mile walk.

Thurs 31st July
Rain all day, so didn't get out for my walk.

During the night I started to pee, but woke up before I got too wet.

Fri 1st Aug
D & I went to Kinsale to watch the Kinsale Regatta 5 Mile road race and to walk around the picturesque town.

Blurry photo of Kinsale harbour.

I took quite a few photos of the race, many of which turned out blurry. Photos can be seen here: I probably should have realised that I was not quite myself at this stage, making photo errors. After the race was over, I felt a strong urge for the loo, but passed little.

Sat 2nd Aug
Slept badly and woke with a headache and muscle aches. I saw Dr. P. in the morning. He dipped a urine sample and found antibodies. He diagnosed anothere UTI (urinary tract infection) and prescribed Velosef 500mg.

Sun 3rd - Wed 6th Aug
Regular 5M walk each day. Took more photos at the Novartis 5k in Ringaskiddy.

Thurs 7th Aug
Rained all day, so no walk.

Fri 8th Aug
Walked 5M in the morning. Went to the streets of Cobh 5k and took more photos. After the race, I tended to leak a little.

Sat 9th Aug
Regular 5M walk.

Sun 10th Aug
Only managed 3.5M today, having cut short due to rain.