Thursday, April 24, 2008

April 2008 - Running moves back up a gear!

April 6th 2008
I ran the UCC 10k in 43:14, approx. 2min slower than last year and over 7 minutes behind my best for the course (reality check - it was set nearly 20 years ago). It was a windy day but I found the going tough. I held back a little until roughly the three mile mark and then started working. Two people passed me between there and the finish but I managed to “take” 25 others, the last four miles getting progressively faster.

The main problem from me when running these days is relaxing. At times the tension across the shoulders is massive and I’m in knots. I really have to concentrate on staying as relaxed as possible. When I manage to do that I can go a bit faster. Now, when negative thoughts come into my mind during races, I start saying to myself “You can beat cancer!” “How do you expect to beat cancer if you walk?”

Tuesday 8th April
Did a track session, including 4x400m. Felt very sluggish during the session. All four were in the range 93-98, a bit wide for my liking and it felt like hard going. I was doing eight repeats and feeling strong, early in December. Later on I felt good. There’s nothing like a good blast of endorphins to give you the “feel good” factor. Of course, Liverpool’s 4-2 win over Arsenal helped too!

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