Thursday, April 24, 2008

Autumn/winter 2007

November 2007
I have an appointment with Mr. L, Urologist, scheduled for Jan 4th, so I’ve scheduled a G.P. visit for Dec 6th, to ensure that the blood results are back in time. My last PSA was 6.3 and I’m hoping for a drop.

Dec 5th 2007
Munster Masters Cross-Country in Tralee. Had a very good race and finished as our third man, of five. Took scalps of several peers in the process.

Dec 6th 2007
PSA bloods taken. Tried to have free-PSA done, but CUH doesn’t do it.

December 10th 2007
PSA results are back; 9.4!! Shit! I’m in trouble. L is going to call for another biopsy. Given that I had a clear biopsy last June, I reckon either I have an infection or racing immediately before having the PSA done is pushing the levels up.

December 2008
Did a huge amount of research on the Net, looking for info on PSA relating to Masters athletes in any sport. There is some stuff relating to cyclists, along with several studies on marathon runners. The trouble with the marathon runner studies is that they make no distinction between serious athletes and “fun runners”. I can’t tell from the reports if a high degree of fitness is relevant in any way.

Jan 4th, 2008
Saw Mr. L. No DRE carried out. He’s very concerned with the month-on-month increase in PSA. He wants to schedule another biopsy. This is arranged for Jan 23rd.

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