Thursday, April 24, 2008

April 3th 2008

Sunday April 13th 2008
Did 5 laps of the Farm today, with several guys from the Club. We started out at just under 19:00 and progressed down to the low 18:s. I went of with D. on his third and final lap and continued at 17:35 pace for the remaining two laps. Felt good and strong – nice to feel that way again! One of the main things I practiced during the run was to relax as much as possible. I think it worked well. Afterwards I went home and watched the tail end of the London Marathon. Some race – first three guys did it in under 2:06:30! Nice bonus to see N, the Club’s only representative, looking round, quite contented as he passed Cutty Sark.

Later, B & A collected D from the train. We discussed the trip from Dublin and I think we’re agreed on the train as the preferred method of travel. Driving was suggested as a good option, particularly as “we could stop for toilet breaks.” I said I wouldn’t “need any toilet breaks – I’ll have a catherer!” We’ll have to plan out the journey and arrange for wheelchairs both in Dublin and Cork. A lot depends on when, exactly, I’m being chucked out of the hospital.

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