Thursday, April 24, 2008

Second Biopsy - January 2008

Jan 23rd 2008
Biopsy in the Bons. Went in early enough. Three others in the ward. This time none of the three others are Prostate related. This time I brought my MP3 player in with me when I was getting the enema done. I learnt from the last time! The ‘jax’ is a very boring place when you’re trying not to crap, while you’re really busting to go. The window is even frosted, so you can’t look out. Even if you could, there is a blank wall just a few metres away.

February 6th 2008
We got the results today. Three positive cores found. One was 3+4 (45%) and the others were 3+3 (35% and 15%). Strangely, it was a relief to find something. Now we know what I’m dealing with. I took the rest of the day off.

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