Thursday, April 24, 2008

Friday April 18th 2008 - Killarney

D & I headed off to Killarney for a weekend of R&R. We had a good time and got out for a few walks. I’d intended going for a run on Saturday morning, but discovered late Friday night that I’d forgotten to bring a pair of shorts or leggings! Couldn’t go running with everything hanging out! So Saturday was an unscheduled “off day.”

We’ve been to Killarney many times before and have always found it enjoyable. This time though, there is a subdued air, a kind of suppressed sadness. Usually I’m bubbling over and raring to go. I can’t kick-in to that level at the mo’. I know it’s just a frame of mind. I could do it, but, right now, I think that would be like running away from what’s coming. Hopefully, after the op, I’ll be able to get in that “groove”, and its then that the ultra positive attitude will really be needed.

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