Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Second PSA Check

November 2006
I developed small blisters on the upper chest and back. At first I thought I had an allergy of some sort but at D’s instigation, I went to the doctor. I had the blisters for about 4 days at that stage. The Doc immediately diagnosed Shingles but expressed surprise that I wasn’t “tired, fatigued or in pain”
She put me on antibiotics; €192 for seven capsules. P.M said “at that price, you should be winning the races!”

About two weeks later the Doc left a message on the answering machine giving me the PSA result; 4.9ng/L, asking me to ring him. When I got hold of him, he recommended that I see an Urologist and gave me a list of three people. The first was away for two to three months and, as I generally don’t wait on my health, I immediately tried the second, Mr. L. and made an appointment for early January.

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