Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fri 27th June - Urinary Infection!!

I got up at 08:00 - breakfast, showered etc. The morning was damp, so we stayed in. I went to the loo at 13:45, for the first time in three hours, and passed urine. This was along time for me as I going fairly regularly every two hours or so. I got a good strong stream but, at the end, I passed blood.

I rang the GP, who diagnosed a urinary infection and prescribed Ciproxin. I took the first tablet at 14:30. I went to the loo again at 17:00, with a much higher volume, with quite an amount of blood, but not alarming so. There wouldn't want to have been much more blood though. I went again at 18:00 and, this time, there was a very minor amount of blood and a small volume of urine. Went again at 19:00, small amount again but no noticable blood. 20:00 passed water again with no sign of blood, except for one small clot. I have a vague recollection of seeing a clot earlier, but not recognising it for what it was at the time. I thought it might have been a bit of dirt. Was that this morning or last night though?

I slept without a pad but woke about 03:00 with my jocks quite damp but not soaked - the bedclothes were very slightly damp. I had been sleeping very heavily. I changed my jocks and put on a pad and then slept until 07:00

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