Monday, July 7, 2008

Sun 15th June - 3 Days Post Cathether

Woke to go to the loo at 01:50, 04:20, 06:30 and finally at 08:30. After breakfast, I walked round to the local shop, with A, for the paper. Scanning the TV channels later, I surprised myself when I found Mass being broadcast on RTE 1 and stayed watching. I found it good and soothing.

Didn't manage to get a walk in today. I've now used up all the pads provided by the ward in hospital and have started using the Tena pads for the first time. They are easier to wear. I reckon that, over the day, I'm leaking about a couple of tablespoonfulls. Went to bed about 23:15 and slept until 01:30, and then until 04:30. Finally woke at 06:00.

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