Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fri & Sat - 20 & 21st June

Friday 20th June
Got up 08:45. I changed the pad after showering. I had very little leakage overnight, most occurred when I farted - not best idea! - at 06:00. We went for a 4 mile walk at 11:00.

Today, for the first time, 4 weeks (and 1 day) after the operation, I am starting to feel normal. I'm getting there!!

Went to bed 22:45. The pad was virtually dry.

Sat 21st June

Slept through to 04:45, so I went six hours before having to go to the loo. afterwards I slept until 08:45. The pad was still dry - no indication of any leakage. I did have a small amount f leakage after breakfast, before changing.

We didn't get out at all today as the rain was torrential from 03:00 until after we went to bed.

I got a mild cramp in my right leg, behind and below my knee - about the very top or above my calf muscle.

Went to bed at 22:30 and woke about 01:30 with a tightness in my chest. I thought I was having a heart attack/clot/whatever, but then realised that I was VERY, VERY tense. My pulse was normal - 56 (it's gone up since the operation - I had been 48 before the op. When I was at my peak of running, in my thirties, it used to be 34-37), so I figured that it was muscular, made myself relax and fell asleep again. I woke for the loo at 05:50, so I went seven hours last night. The period seems to be getting longer every night. I woke again at 09:00.

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