Sunday, July 6, 2008

Friday 13th June - 1st Day Post Cathether

Woke at 05:50, feeling my bladder full. Tried to hold up a bit longer, but had to get up at 05:55. I had turned the pad around at 01:50 and the dry side was now quite wet but not saturated. [I have no idea what these pads were for, but they were not incontinence pads and were rectangular, with two halves. Once one section was wet, I turned it round, top for bottom - being frugal with the pads.]

I think a lot of the leakage may have occurred between 05:50 and 05:55, so it's probably not a good idea to wait until I feel that my bladder is full. Both at 01:50 and 05:55, I gave great concentration to getting out of bed without flooding the place. I think I may have succeeded but I'm not 100% sure. The urine stream stop/start regime is OK, however the shut-off isn't very positive, but it happens - seems to peter out. I ate and drank at 06:30 - I keep a 'hoard' of biscuits and cake from the previous day, as I'm always famished when I wake and breakfast takes a while.

I went to say good-bye and thanks to the staff in the Hawthorne ward. It was well worthwhile doing so - I got a whole lot of proper incontinence pads from one of the ward sisters.

We then returned home to Cork, leaving around 10:30. 'A' drove and we stopped in Durrow, Co. Laois, for lunch. I passed up on liquids, apart from a glass of water. We also had to stop on the roadside, between Cahir and Mitchelstown, where I felt a need to have a leak - so I went up a boreen (small side-road) to be out of sight from passing traffic. We stopped again in Mitchelstown for a snack and arrived home about 15:00.

I changed the pad and rested for a while. I went to bed around 21:00 and slept until 06:00 or so. I had to get up to go to the loo every two hours or so during the night. I changed the pad again in the morning.

It is strange being without the cathether. The safety net is gone and I have to re-learn how to control my urinary function.

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