Friday, July 4, 2008

Sat 7th June - 16 Days Post-RP

Woke at 07:30. Probably the best sleep I've had since the operation. I feel very rested. The sore spot on my left buttock feels much better this morning.
Had my regular morning bowel movement . After passing stool, I got a strong flow of urine past the cathether. I can't be sure, but I think spinchter muscles are getting back to normal.

Blackrock Castle, Cork, Ireland

This minature of Blackrock Castle sits on top of a wall close to the castle.

A view of the 'path' from Blackrock Castle, looking down the harbour towards Cobh (cove).

Went for a 60 minute walk along the path during the afternoon ~2.6 Miles. Leaked a fair bit, particularly on the way back - the cathether was pulling a fair bit. I had to change my underwear and leggings when I got home. The cathether tubing is discoloured from deposits on the inside, on the 'body side' of the joint. I probably need to drink more.

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