Monday, July 7, 2008

Mon & Tues June 16/17th - 4/5 Days Post Cathether

Monday 16th June
Got up at 08:30. The pad was damp but not bad. We walked for about 60 mins today - 2.75 miles. I'm walking at about 70% effort and I feel stronger each day.

I wore only one pad for the day, with a total of a tablespoon or two leakage. The main times of leakage are:
a) When I try to hold on too long before going to the loo;
b) Getting up from a sitting position;
c) Starting to go up the stairs.
I also need to concentrate when getting out of bed. Leakage at each point is minimal - about a teaspoonfull.

Tuesday 17th June
Slept 23:00 to 03:00 and then again till 05:30. I got up at 09:30. We went for a walk at the Castle at 10:30. I had to pee in the bushes shortly after we started - I hadn't gone before we left home. Amount was small - stress! We ended up cutting the walk short on account of rain, but got in about 2 miles anyway. Went to bed around 23:00. Used only one pad for the day.

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