Friday, July 4, 2008

Thurs 12th June - 3 weeks Post-RP - Cathether Removal

I'm re-entering hospital today, for cathether removal and to get the pathology report.

Slept fitfully from 22:30. Woke several times and finally, at 04:45. I got up at 06:00 for the 07:30 train to Dublin. Arrived at St. Vincent's Private Hospital at 11:00.

I'm due to get an antibiotic after I see the house-doctor. The cathether will be removed after that and I'll see the surgeon later in the afternoon. once teh cathether is removed, I'll be expected to walk and my urine flow will be monitored. Took a Ciproxin tablet orally at 12:00. lunch 12:45.

Cathether removed 13:10. It was uncomfortable but OK. went for a walk upstairs to the Hawthorne ward at 13:15. Dribbled a good deal en-route - had to change out of my pyjama bottoms. That was a silly thing to do - too ambitious! Remember Rome! Should have rested in bed for a while to let things settle down, before making any 'trips', tackling stairs etc. I'm now going to sit out for a while, until I get more confidence.

I had a glass of water at 13:40 and another at 14:00. I went for a leak at 14:00 and only passed 20cc max., but stopped positively. There was a small bit of debris in it. went for a walk in the corridoor with D immediately afterwards and was dry for all of it, except when I started thinking about it towards the end - then I dribbled a small bit. The nurse said to drink plenty, to test my bladder function. She said that my bladder should about 3 litres.

Had another glass of water at 14:55. 15:15 - Felt like going for a pee - felt in penis, rather than bladder pressure. I dribbled before I realised it, then made a bolt for bathroom, but missed out and dribbled badly. Went about 200mL before stopping, but then getting a small bit more again. Took another glass of water at 15:20 and got up for a walk at 15:35 and began to dribble but couldn't stop. Made it to the bathroom with wet, but not soaking, jocks. Passed a total of 350/375 mL for the last two streams. The nurse says that this is fine and that I can start to drink normally now and not to worry about dribbling - muscles need to retrain.

16:00 Started to dribble again and made a bolt for it. No measuring jug, so had to wait. Managed to hold until the jug arrived and passed about 50 mL, very clear. Went again at 16:10. I think I made it this time but wasn't sure. Passed 50 mL again, but had more control over it this time. Went again at 16:25. very little passed this time but had to push to start, stopped and then started again. Passed about 25 mL ad there were two spots of debris in it. Went again at 16:55 - minor amount. 17:30 - 25 to 50 mL. Had tea at 17:45 - coq-au-vin. Feeling OK. 18:25 - passed about 50 mL. Went again for the tiniest amout at 17:55.

When i came out, the surgeon was with D. he asked about the continence and I told time the story. He said that I should have been using pads. he wants me to start practicising stopping/starting my urine stream when I get back to normal urine flow. he says that pelvic floor exercises are useless for men - they are for people with a birth canal, i.e. women.

Gleason score upgraded to 4+4=8, 5% of gland involved, no seminal vessicle or lymph gland involvement and negative margins. He says that it is gone and that I am "a lucky, lucky man". I can go on holiday (to Portugal) 10 weeks after the operation. he gave me a prescription for Cialis, to be taken Mon, Wed and fri. the prescription repeats for 6 months. It is expensive but better. I went to sleep at 22:30, having washed and put on a large pad. i woke at 01:50 and went to loo, stop starting. I had started to leak when I woke and bottom of pad was wet but not saturated.

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