Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fri May 31st 2008 - 8 Days Post-RP

This diary extract outlines my radical retropubic prostatectomy from a fly-on-the-wall perspective. It will not be to everyones taste. The idea is that other men faced with Prostate Cancer may find it helpful in considering their own options. If you find the contents distasteful or undesirable, I'm sorry for your troubles!
Got up at 07:30 and showered. The night bag was almost 100% full - approx. 1L - when I woke. My jocks were quite damp/wet from detrius escaping between the catether and the tip of my penis. The swelling has gone down noticeably - now more pronounced at the bottom/underside. The upper part appears to have returned to normal. In the immediate few days after the op., it was pretty well black and blue - at one stage the thought crossed my mind that they might habe given me a penis and testicle transplant from a black man, the bruising was so heavy.

Showering was more awkward than in hospital - our shower/bath is higher tahn the one in the hospital. You need to ensure that you have three points of contact at all times. I was treated to breakfast in bed this morning - nice treat, but I think I'd prefer to be sitting at the table. Walked in the garden, along the path for about 15 min., just repeatedly up and down.

Penile/foreskin swelling has gone down considerably.

AM called at 11:45 with some "goodies"; spare days bags, bandages, plasters etc. It was great to see her.

I was quite tired after lunch, so I went for a lie-down, napping from 13:45 until 15:15. At 16:30, I went for my first walk up and down the street. Did it twice and it took about about 10 mins. I figure it would have taken about 4 min, if I'd been doing it before the op. Sat watching TV for a good while afterwards. Had another session walking in the garden later on - about 10 min.

I've been taking aspirin since coming home, to safeguard against clotting.

My left leg has been feeling quite cold, especially at night, so I'm going to wear running socks in bed tonight.

Each day I feel that I'm getting stronger and stronger. Today was much better.

I forgot a couple of things from the hospital:
* On the Sat. (I think), 24th, I found vision in my right eye was quite blurry and unfocussed. The house doctor examined me and said that it may be connected to the Morphine, so the Morphine shoud be stopped. It wore off/disappeared after that. I was put on Difane instead.
* My appetite seemed to come back after the Morphine was withdrawn - staff said that this happens.

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