Sunday, June 22, 2008

Thursday 5th June - 14 Days Post-RP

This diary extract outlines my radical retropubic prostatectomy from a fly-on-the-wall perspective. It will not be to everyones taste. The idea is that other men faced with Prostate Cancer may find it helpful in considering their own options. If you find the contents distasteful or undesirable, I'm sorry for your troubles!
Woke around 08:30, but didn't get until 11:30 - lazy bugger - as it was a wet morning, so i didn't do any walking as a result. Bowel movement OK.

We went for a walk on the Marina later on - about 25 min. out and back, going from the T-junction to the old Blackrock railway station and back. Walk was good except for hassle with both dogs and dog owners. One labrador pup wrapped itself around my catether leg and it's owner took grave exception to my efforts to get the dog off me. "Did you hit my f#@*ing dog!" I hadn't. D was very upset. The law in Ireland says that any dog must be on a lead in a public place. None of the two dogs we had incidents with were on leads. We also observed a woman with two (terrified & screaming) young children being threatened by two Alsatians (German Shepherds). These dogs are supposed to be muzzled in addition to being on a lead. Needless to say, D doesn't want to walk here again.

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